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S13 / S14 / S15 / R31 / R32 / R33 / R34 etc D-Project 19 Row Oil Cooker Kit w/Relocator

Preserve the health of your engine and engine oil when boosting at the track or on the street. Prevent premature engine failure and excessive turbo wear by keeping the oil cool. A must have for any serious performance car !


* Brand: D-Project
* True 19 Row Oil Cooler
* Stainless Braided Lines for less pressure loss and durability
* Screw in Fittings - NOT hose Clamps
* CNC Billet Aluminium Blocks for Precision mounting with O Rings
* Remote oil filter relocator for easy access and Oil Pressure & Temp. Plugs
* Complete kit with Teflon and Small Filter, Large Filter +$15
* Instructions for easy install
* 1 Year RTB Warranty
against manufacture defects




1500CFM ICE 12" Thermo Fan Kit Set
Beat that summer heat with an ICE Thermo Fan Set. Everything required to make it work, complete with instruction kit and relay loom. Universal Flow - can be configuered as PUSH or PULL. Why pay $220 for the same fan at repco. 12 Month RTB warranty. Speical, Two Fan kits for $200!

1 Fan Kit - $110

2 Fan Kits - $200

ARC Type Cooling Panel for S13
This ARC Type Cooling panel is made out of CNC Pressed Stainless 304 sheet metal. It directs airflow into the radiator/intercooler setup and can drop temperatures by as much as 10 degrees with the undertray (pictured). Great dress up item and also functional. Spray it black for that stealth look and hide that intercooler from the Law :) On Speical for January Only!


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